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Thread: Texas Fires !

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    Texas Fires !

    'Several large fires have been raging in the Texas panhandle. Peggy Hall suggested that the fires may be linked to chemtrails. The Trans Texas Corridor, the globalist plan for a superhighway, was intended to cut through Canada, the US and Mexico, and failed because there was a lot of private property in the way. It was replaced with the Ports-to-Plains Corridor, which is the southern third of an alliance between the US, Canada, and Mexico. Peggy makes the case that people who live in rural areas and are self-sufficient hinder the globalists’ agenda and she contends that fires and other disasters may be planned in order to clear rural landowners from the land and push them into cities'

    There is text from 'need-to-know-news' and also a ytube video from Peggy, embedded on the webpage linked below.

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    Planes have been leaving those "Trails" for a Very Very Long Time...!!! I remember seeing them while out in the Hay Fields of Upstate New York and while We were gathering up the Milk Cows and heading them to the barns...!! That was a Long Time Ago...!



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