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    APK time app

    Which formula boxes have this app in marketplace ? That's how I get my movie apps from with my dreamlinks... Now their getting hard to find.. I have a formulae z10 but don't know how to put movie apps on it because the apps in market place don't work properly.. any suggestions? Normally I use the APK time app that's in marketplace.. any other options?

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    first thing to know is that an App can be carried in an APK file , You could think of the APK as a briefcase and the APP is inside of it.
    This is how an APP can be installed on a device (such as the Formuler device). This is referred to as 'side-loading',
    But in order to insatll an APP or side-load it, the APP must be inside an APK file (the briefcase).

    Okay there is that.
    But you will also a need to have a certain type APP on your device already,that will actually do the work of installing the APP from the APK.
    There are many of these type of APPS, such as many File Browsers or Managers. There are also some named as APKInstaller or APPInstaller, and plus many other similar APPS.
    It depends on what your device has onboard and it will have at least one.

    So know we know you need an APK file of the APP you want installed and that you need a APP that will do the work.

    So how do you get the APK you may ask?
    Do a search online to find it. Be careful thou and try to find a trusted source.
    You will know if it can be trusted by how long the source has been doing this and how big of a library it may have.
    I use apkpure for most of my APPs.

    Okay so, got the APK/APP, and got the briefcase (side-loading APP) on the device, and got the knowledge. So you are set to lad an APK....oh wait you may want toknow a few more things and for those I have copied a quote from a Dreamlink post,it may not be exactly the same as the Formuler but will be close. I especially like the explained procedure in first paragraph, cause if you follow that procedure you will not have to find the APKInstaller on your device as your device will find it on it's own.

    But if you are not sure at what app is an Installer (on your device) , just list the apps you have on your device and maybe we can point out the Installer

    Quote Originally Posted by crazed 9.6 View Post
    You would need the .apk fie or files of your choosing and with them transferred onto a USB storage device.
    The T3 will not recognize these files unless they are in a folder named as 'apks'
    So create a folder and name it apks
    Caps do not seem to matter in this case, upper-case or lower-case should work, while lower case are always the best to use, they always work.
    Transfer all your apk files into that apks folder and insert USB into your T3.
    First thing you should see is a screen come up that will allow you load all or any number of apk files right from this first screen. If the folder was not named correctly, then you would not see this first screen.
    So simple choose which you want loaded and then high-light the OK option and they will load one at a time for you. Let them load.
    You will see a small message at the bottom of the screen reporting the progress.

    There is of course the old fashion way to load apk files and that is thru your File Manager which can be found on your main Launcher screen.
    That method also needs the apk files in a named folder or the T3 will not recognize any of them.
    File Manager > Store > sda1 > apks .... and then choose your apk to install.

    All installed apks will show as app shortcuts on your main Launcher screen.

    To remove Apps from your system...
    Settings > Apps > Choose the App > Uninstall

    And here is another quote but from a Buzz post, but the ideas are generic to most devices.

    Quote Originally Posted by crazed 9.6 View Post
    There are many apps available that are used to view files, or install files, or manage files.
    The Buzz box has a few pre-installed.

    I do mention in the text below ... "installed apk file" ... but in fact it is the application (app) that is installed and the apk file is basically just a carrier of the app.
    Can think of an APK as akin to a briefcase. The briefcase is just the carrier of what ever is inside
    So please forgive me for my slightly incorrect terminology concerning apk/app

    Open the APPS menu on your Buzz box and you should find one or all three of the apps shown

    This is where we can install apk files onto the Buzz box.
    Apk files a way to install an application thru USB device drive. Once installed, the APP can be found in your My APPS menu.
    You will need the apk file placed on a FAT32 formatted USB drive.
    Always try to have the USB drive inserted into the Buzz box while the Buzz is powered off.
    If the drive is not recognized, then use the Power icon on bottom right on main Buzz screen and Reboot.
    Then enter AppInstaller again and the USB drive should now be seen.
    Appinstaller does only one thing and that is installing an Application (app) from an apk file.

    -File Browser
    Another apk installer.
    If the USB is not seen then again follow above procedure.
    On File Browser's main screen you should see..
    -Local Disk
    -USB drive
    Open USB and you will see the contents of the drive.
    .txt or any files can be opened and seen onscreen.
    .apk files can be installed, just click to install.
    This one can be used to open selected video files as well and be instantly played on command right from this File Manager.

    -File Manager
    A mouse is needed to use some functions nicely with this File Manager.
    There are alot of functions in this APP, hence the Manager title.
    Local Device & USB Device are seen here and can be opened.
    Content of USB drive can be opened or installed.

    Here we can also see a list of categories (just below where you see the USB Device, use mouse to scroll the page down).

    -Large Files
    -Unnecessary Files .. here we can clean up temp files or log files and empty folders.
    -Used APK Files .. here we can remove used apk files.
    -Installed Apps .. here we can uninstalled previously installed apps.
    -All Files .. here we can see storage use by analysis percentages.

    There are details and functions to be used in each category (such as deleting used apk files).
    Not necessary but an apk file can be deleted after the application has been installed from it (this saves a small amount of storage space on your Buzz).
    Just do not delete the root path of it.
    APKs in /system/app/ need to stay where they are to function appropriately.
    To see apks on system, follow path mnt/asecr whatever path is needed on your device.
    Many other functions here can be found on the side bar menus, have a look around in them.

    And I may have forgotten but you must turn On--> 'Install From Unknown Sources' when installing apps thru the side-loading method.
    I think it gets turned on automatically when doing that first procedure from the Dreamlink post.
    That function is in your menus somewhere, if you cant find it, just ask and someone may know exactly where it is.
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    Use browser and download

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    Quote Originally Posted by realdeal View Post
    Use browser and download
    That is perfect,thnx
    I must not forget, we must not forget, that we are human beings.
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