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Thread: Movie Addons

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    yes i do
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazed 9.6 View Post
    I know bud.. and good at what you do too
    Respect to you as I always have, same goes with Suport too.

    Check my previous post ,which i posted just as you did.

    and guys, there were times in the past that I had to remove a post or two from yous.
    The reasons for this are same as what I previously mentioned.
    But I want yous to know that it was the hardest thing I have to do as a staff member here on site, especially when the info posted is top dollar info

    Thank you for the explanation you are truly the nicest mod on any of the forums that ive been too.
    Its their fault they bred us sheep.its hard not really knowing where the boundries are the name of the site
    the kodi threads and all.

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    yes, them Kodi forums are the exception to the rule

    Tinieblax (our forum administrator) allows it mostly because we do use Kodi alot for Playlist apps and such things and Shooty's iptvXtra application too.
    So we pretty much need to post info and etc on the How To's with Kodi and addons.

    As concerning the site name, we can't change that
    And I know that drives Suport a little batty too , sorry about that

    thnx NEHPYX
    ― the Lunatics have taken over the Asylum

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    yes i do
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    This Video library has over 12000 items... and counting.
    * not to mention the PPV items available continually!

    What else do you need that would be worth the time and hassle?
    Just saying! ...LOL

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    I use Kodi for one thing only.....there official MLB addon..........needs subscription ...which I have had for 10 years........the MLB official app via play store does not work well on Buzztv boxes...but works great on Nvidia Shield ....So with Buzztv I use the Kodi mlb addons with no complaints


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