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    Hello i will buy some routes and i was Reading There is a new Gateway payment bitcoin cash...i always make my orders from a bitcoin atm i select bitcoin i will go like always to a bitcoin atm machine and i can buy from the bitcoin atm machine select bitcoin cash...??? I will get my order from a bitcoin atm machine if i select Bitcoin Cash ?????......

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    if the ATM machine has the option to deal in BitcoinCash cryptocurrency then yes, choose that.

    The Wallet address you would be sending the currency to would accept it as the currency sent , as long as it matches the value needed, the cryptocurrency can be most any form (BTC, BCH, ETH and etc...)
    The wallet that you send to would have the ability to convert that to any cryptocurrency they choose to.
    So you see, it does not matter what currency you send, long as it is the correct value of the order. The owner of the Wallet gets that value and that owner can change that to any Crypto they chose at not fee to anyone. It is referred to as a SWAP.
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