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    Canada's C/R/T/C may soon be censoring online content

    I heard all this on the late radio show last night, during my long dark drive home.
    It genuinely scared the heck out of me !

    I had earlier that day heard our Prime Minister say on live TV that our Canadian Civil rights are on hold for now, he has no time to address such things at the moment.

    April 29, 2021

    Last week at the Standing Committee reading of Bill C-10, “An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act”, the federal government proposed and passed an amendment that would make all user generated audiovisual content on online platforms subject to the regulatory powers of the CRTC

    Bill C-10 had previously included an exception in clause 4(1), which excluded user-generated content posted to such services from the Act.
    This was removed from the Bill at the last minute.

    “Bill C-10 would empower the CRTC to regulate Canadian citizens posts to the Internet under broadcast regulations in Canada.”
    “Tideos, podcasts, pictures and memes that would come under CRTC regulation under the revised Bill.

    It can be argued that these are not ‘programs’ being ‘broadcast’... but they’re the individual expressions of people in Canada.
    If passed, this Bill will be giving the CRTC any powers to limit, censor, or manipulate the terms of our freedom of expression.

    end c/p

    Canadian Radio/television & Telecommunications Commission
    A federal institution that is part of the Canadian Heritage portfolio.
    They operate at 'arm’s length' from the Government of Canada and regulate and supervise broadcasting and telecommunications in the public interest.

    In other words, if the content is not in the Canadian Governments best interest then it is not allowed.
    We Canadians have been used to this for all our lives it seems. We were always supplied with only what the government wanted us to see or hear. If the CRTC did not like it then it was not allowed in Canada, simple as that.
    Private Satellite Systems soon started biting into that control... and then, and then, and THEN.... along came the internet and things like Chat sites and Podcsts and Tweeter and Facebook and etc, etc.

    The CRTC had no control on any of that..... till now !

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    The CRTC has & will never been at arm's length.............they are there to protect Bell, Rogers et al. One just has to look and see who backs their leadership.
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    There are a lot of online websites that monitor and control content especially if its something being sold or offered that involves anything the website doesn't like. Case and point, one website, similar to this one, goes over the top with its own monitoring of what gets posted and who is no longer allowed to post. Its something that happens whenever a product is mentioned that they don't want mentioned or promoted. Criticism is the big hammer that opens the door and gets you evicted with a comment disabled notice. Suffice to say, its not new, the CRTC may have joined the list but it didn't initiate monitoring or dropping the hammer on whatever posts or comments come up. After Trump, anything is believable, whether its proper, improper, astounding or irrelevant, somebody, somewhere, somehow will deem it as offensive and become racist or some other label that suits their views. Buckle up, its going to be a long ride and as Bob Dylan once said...........The Times They are a Changin.



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