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    Official XR 4900 Firmware + Buzz 5 App Update - April 26th, 2021

    XRS 4900 Buzz TV 5 + Firmware Update
    April 26th, 2021


    Firmware Update

    1. Updated Uboot with Performance increases and optimizations. Menus and apps should open faster now.
    2. Disabled Backup/Restore
    3. Fixed issue when box would flash red/blue + reboot when in standby
    4. Fixed PVR + Last Channel Button on ARQ 100 Remote
    5. Fixed Android Setup App Crashing

    Buzz TV 5 Version 4.0.549


    1. Optimized the app for performance.
    2. Fixed Last Channel History menu from taking to long to open or crashing
    3. Fixed some server related issues
    4. Fixed some recording bugs
    5. Fixed issue when deleting recordings and they did not delete off storage.
    6. Fixed a PVR App Crash
    7. Fixed some small bugs that were reported.
    8. Cleaned up some grammar on pop up menus.
    9. Fixed a bug in VOD + TV Series menu where you could not open individual categories

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    Update notice appeared onscreen.
    To download the update and a reboot took approx 25 seconds.
    Then the Installation started which took approx 2 minutes, with another reboot included.
    Booted up onto Home screen.

    First thing checked was if my Favorites were still intact showing on the Home Screen, which they were. At first they were not there, but I had left it on connection portal that had no favorites, so switched to other portal and yes favs are intact as they were

    I see that restore option has been disabled, which is good idea for now.
    I dare not check it thou

    I did still get that small 'Alarm Received' notice upon Home screen opening.

    I can now also delete recordings from HDD.
    I do not record things but did do some testing awhile ago and never could delete any recording made at the time.
    There was also an issue with playback. But I never checked that and now I deleted the recordings so I will have to redo that ... ooops,, lol

    And please tell aboutbuzz that the m3u hardcopy file thing I had been discussing with him seems to be fixed correct now.
    They did fix it initialing, if you remember NBS I had been discussing it with you and aboutbuzz ?
    But after some more testing I found out it still needed work. So I told aboutbuzz about it again.
    AND Now it seems that work has been done and works a-ok
    Tell him well done !!

    No wait, I can tell him (I will report it on his open thread)

    cool beans !!
    The inmates are running the asylum
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