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    Well, given the age and your thoughts on doing whatever you can to keep it. I would do an evaluation BEFORE you spend any money by looking at a newer and better OS, preferably free. Linux provides all of that and a lot more but there is a learning curve depending on what you want and what you want to do as the curve gets harder and longer with the "more" you want to do. Some drivers for your hardware may not be free as they are deemed as being 3rd party and not part of the OS itself. Next, survey your hardware within and see what you can upgrade and for how much. Again, do nothing until you have added up the total as it could be more than a newer "used" computer with newer hardware and OS included. Last and least, do not buy a new computer without some serious sole searching as the chip market has gone nuts and prices soared which means anything new and being sold has a sticker price that Ripley's has a hard time believing. Not sure if any of this is worth anything but then good advice is seldom free and the rest comes at your own peril. Good luck and hope you figure out what works for you with the best possible price.

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    i think more video cards are nuts what was 200 to 300 is now 1400 that sucks big time because of bitecoin mining

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marley View Post
    i think more video cards are nuts what was 200 to 300 is now 1400 that sucks big time because of bitecoin mining
    a lot of companies are shut down due to a number of things like tariffs and political bs ...

    everything is skyrocketing because of trade wars with china and other countries ......


    so expect to see everything go up , just don't buy anything you don't need .... food water and shelter is all you really need .... i've got a extra square out here on venice beach ... free food , showers in the ocean and rent free too ... i've got room in my tent as well ... LoL

    no it's because of trade wars aka politics ... thousands of businesses already folded up gone vanished ...

    i would watch your house normally through your neighbors camera , but due to tariffs i can't ... you see your neighbor had Q-See camera system and his cloud and service is shut down due to tariffs ... LoL j/k


    have a good night my friend ;D

    oh and @ the Op ..... You never mentioned how much money you're willing to blow/pay for this new computer , someone said barebone and swap hard drive and something about free window 10 upgrade ... or linux ..

    for a non gamer that sounds about right , and or just updating the memory i dunno what optiplex version of dell do you have ? LoL ;x
    knowledge is power , power corrupts all .


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