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    Turn OFF Google and Ytube Permissions

    Most all android devices will have Google installed, and not just one instance of it, but many google services may be installed.
    Most devices you can access these apps thru .... Settings > Apps > System Apps
    Once in the System Apps, open the Permissions with each Google service and start turning things off.
    There will be things in there that may effect the way your Android sees the date and time and things like that or how Playstore may work, but to be secure against Google's intrusions, I turn the whole works off

    You should be able to do this with Ytube as well and Chrome Browser or any other Google Browser.

    This is all just a bit of advice towards helping to secure your privacy and defend against them Monsters and their data mining, among other things.

    If you need certain things On, then by all means do turn them On or leave them On.
    But just be aware that indeed you can turn them OFF too
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    Great post....again. I have done this for awhile but they, with updates, etc. seem to be able to turn things back on so it's somewhat ongoing. It's amazing how much, how far back and what type of information Google actually keeps on each user. It's not insane to say that they know the user better than the user knows themselves. Android phones also keeps a record of all the apks that are used, how long and what for, etc. "Auto complete" is also another "function" that "allows" algorithms to read and analyses what is typed. It's a "diary".............the fact that our elected officials allowed this to be legal and that it can be used for "profit" is contra privacy & freedom IMHO.

    The only thing I have left on is location as I use my phone's GPS for navigation at times and since the device can be tracked through cell towers anyway...................bottomline, if you don't want to be tracked, remove the battery from the phone (if you can) or put it into a "faraday box". Still, it's somewhat useless but I try to turn s^^t off anyway! A lot of peeps say "if you are not doing anything illegal, why worry"......I say, it's no one's business & why should they be allowed to "profit" off of me if I can help it.

    OK, rant over!
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