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    It's Friday and court has adjourned. Seems the judge is holding this trial in pieces. Court will commence again stating in early June.
    The judge will decide weather or not Pastor Coates has had his Rights violated. If come June and the judge has made his decision on that, then court will proceed to it's second stage or it will come to an end with a guilty verdict (it seems).
    According to the Judge, they were not allowed to bring any expert testimonies on weather or not the pandemic or the restrictions were or are constitutional, not in this first stage of court proceedings. They may be heard only if the court proceeds to the second stage.

    Locking up the Pastor for 35 days and really it was unwarranted, and with quarantine conditions for the first two weeks in his prison sentence (basically Solitary Confinement), that alone will or should way heavy in the Judge's decision.
    But we will se come early June.
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    This pandemic is just a shit show the way it has been handled
    There are no dumb questions. Just dumb answers.

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    Is That Judge related to any on Our Supreme Court down here...?!?


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