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    Stalker Preference Keep Disappearing ??

    Has anyone had this issue or am I just overlooking something ?? I install Stalker onto Kodi (latest Version) onto my android box (stalker enabled) with all of my Logon / access info ..... Everything works fine all channels. and guide .

    The only issue is if I ever turn the box off or unplug it when I go back into Kodi the Stalker client does not start up and when I go back into Stalker portal 1 all my Logon / access is missing like I never set it up ?? If i set it up again everything works perfectly until the box once again get unplugged or turned off ?? Real PITA !! Any help would be appreciated ...

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    Never seen that problem, but Stalker client has not been maintained for over 2 years now, and Kodi versions have changed considerably.
    Most people no longer use Stalker, since Ministra has replaced Stalker as the protocol in Infomir backend software.

    Recommend you remove MAC# from your account (playlist access), and use IPTVXtra video add-on.
    See post#93



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