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    Tucker Carlson in Russia

    Tucker interviewed Putin in the Kremlin this last Friday.
    You can see the video at most alt media sources, including Twitter/X
    Tucker also saw Snowden, but according to Tucker's team, there will be no video or story about that meeting. He also interviewed another political refugee whom is in Russia currently too, I forget the name at the moment, but that one will be aired later or soon.

    Ukraine president, a USA ally, called for Tucker's death.
    Kilary Clinton called Tucker a 'useful idiot'.
    Biden said that he himself has never committed any crimes. I think he was confused

    Putin sat down with Tucker and for 28 minutes he went thru the history of Russia, without Q Cards or notes and never missed a beat.
    Biden was at a press conference in the USA that same hour and could not hold a sentence more then a few words, without forgetting what he was talking about.

    And Tucker is a CIA agent....

    shhhh, I was never here
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