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    100 times more plastics than previously estimated

    New studies have found that bottled drinking water contains over 100 times more plastics than previously estimated and “forever chemicals” linked to cancer have been found in 99% of the food that we consume.
    The people that investigate these things are saying nothing to worry about
    The WHO want more studies before they recommend anything. Funny thing is thou the recent studies are just that. ANd the studies are in depth as never done before.
    WHO are just playing the corporate game and nothing will change.

    Will you still drink that bottled water ?
    IN Fact, it's not even a 'bottle' which is made of glass. Just only recently about a year ago, they took all the glass bottled water off the market. That makes one wonder
    These water containers are plastic and the water is probably from the local tap.
    Coke Cola is in on the market too and that should scare anyone.

    There are so many things associated with 'forever chemicals' in or food and the plastics in the water.
    Brain damage, autism, cancers and the list goes on and on ...
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    You know what freaked me out re plastic and recycling, etc.......a ton of non recyclable plastics are re-sorted for the landfill.
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