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Thread: program key FOB

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    program key FOB

    I own a 2011 Chevy Cruze. The Key FOB for the car has missing buttons for the lock and unlock functions. So I went to Chevy and bought a new key/FOB, which they call a Blank. They Laser cut the key and sold it to me for 80 big ones. I could have went thru Amazon or other aftermarket products and saved 60 bucs, but I do not nor never have bought anything from Amazon. So an original Chevy key for 80 dollars is what I bought.
    The dealer guy cut the key BUT it did not end there. He told me he had to program the key and would cost me an extra 138 BIG ONES !!
    That's one hundred and thirty eight dollars, yup.

    If you do not have a working original key then it may need a chevy tech to program the new one. I did see online that some models can be programed by the owner but my 2011 was not so lucky. But I have a working key so that did not worry me.

    Here is how it's done.
    Put the original key in the ignition and turn it to the ON position (do not start). Then wait about 5 seconds and turn it OFF and remove.
    Then insert the new key and do the same thing. Then after you have taken the new key out of the ignition, reinsert the new key and start the car.

    Easy frigging peasy and takes under 30 seconds and saved me 138 frigging dollars.
    At 138 dollars per 30 seconds.... that's a crime !

    Not all cars will be the same, so just do a quick ytube search and you should find what you need.
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    I paid over $250 for a Journey FOB a little over a decade ago.Push button start.

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    I did this with both my chev pickups , 09 and 11 , after gettting keys cut and all that the next issue was getting both keys in sync ,you tube answered and was not to bad.



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