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    Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder lawsuits

    Johnson & Johnson faces more lawsuits linking Baby Powder to cancer.

    Since the early 1970's J&J have been dodging the bullet by settling lawsuit cases out of court. With all these cases settled out of court it paved the way for J&J to keep their product on the shelve with no one the wiser.
    Their Baby Powder stayed on the shelve for sale until 2019 or early 2020, when at that time it was taken off the market.
    ANd ironically that's about same time that J&J created their covid-19 'vacinne', which was pulled from the public due to 'complications' shortly after it's release.
    All this I have posted about before.

    But no more hiding behind lawyers and payouts. Since 2016 the lawsuits have been heard in court and J&J is paying.
    In my opinion, that's not enough. People should be jailed. They knew about this since the early 70's but did nothing, but kept pulling in the profits at the people's risk.

    J&J did yet again file for bankruptcy, which would help them settle everything in one sweep, in their favor of course.

    begin C/P here....

    Jef Feeley and Bloomberg
    October 26, 2023

    Johnson & Johnson faces at least 18 jury trials over the next year tied to claims of tainted talc in its iconic baby powder, prompting the company to consider a third bankruptcy filing in hopes of fostering a global settlement.

    J&J has talc cases set for trial everywhere from Pennsylvania to California between November and December 2024, some of which involve consolidated claims by more than a half-dozen plaintiffs, according to their lawyers. Those trials were scheduled after a judge in July threw out a J&J unit’s latest Chapter 11 case aimed at resolving all current and future talc claims.

    Since 2016, J&J has been hit with at least $570 million in damage awards over talc-related cancer claims and paid out at least $2.5 billion in settlements, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

    “With all those trials staring them in the face, of course they want their unit to run back into bankruptcy,” said Carl Tobias, a University of Richmond professor who teaches about mass torts and has followed the talc cases. “They are playing for time and to avoid shelling out the hundreds of millions of dollars on lawyers to defend all those trials.”

    Another bankruptcy filing by J&J’s LTL Management subsidiary would give the company the opportunity to ask a judge to put a hold on all trials while the company once again negotiates with lawyers representing talc victims.

    J&J now faces at least 51,000 lawsuits claiming talc used in baby power and similar products caused cancer, many of which have been consolidated before a federal judge in New Jersey for pre-trial information exchanges. Other cases are set for trial in state courts.

    Consumers allege in those cases J&J executives knew since the early 1970s its talc-based powders contained trace amounts of asbestos, but failed to alert the public or regulators. J&J contends its talc-based products don’t cause cancer and the company has marketed baby powder appropriately for more than 100 years.

    The company pulled its talc-based powders off the market in the US and Canada in 2020, citing slipping sales, and replaced talcum with a cornstarch-based version. J&J vowed to remove all its baby powders containing talcum powder worldwide by the end of this year.

    end C/P
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    Pardon me, but they are immoral "f***ers"!!
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