New Update
Aug 24th, 2023

Firmware V20230815 Changes:


Firmware Changes:

- Added Network Share Feature to Buzz Utilities
- Added New Auto Frame Rate Feature to Buzz Utilities- Updated to Latest SDK
- Fixed Wifi Bugs
- Fixed Suspend Feature in Power Off Options.- Updated preinstalled apps- Fixed a bug with HDMI Passthrough on 5.1 and 7.1 Audio
- HDMI CEC a bug was fixed affect a few TV brands
- HDMI CEC settings menu was reconfigured layout and added a secondary Virtal CEC ( for older TV's or TV's that do not have proper HDMI levels )
- Fixed Server Button on Remote Controls not working from the Home Screen.

V884 Buzz TV 5 App

- Added New Fav Groups Feature to Live + VOD + TV Series- Added New Backup/Restore Feature to Configuration Menu- Added 9 New Languages to Configuration Menu
- Added more Aspect Ratio Options to Subtitles and Options Menu (Green Button)- Fixed a bug on Backup Player not automatically playing the next TV Episode in VOD/TV Series
.- Fixed Password Lock Feature for Adult Content on VOD + TV Series- Fixed a TV Series bug with missing Episodes
- Fixed a bug when powering back on into Live TV- Fixed a bug for servers with 10,000+ Channels- Fixed a crash bug when changing categories/channels
- Fixed a bug on MAC Servers getting stuck on loading channel list.- Fixed some XC Login API bugs.- Fixed a bug with Date/Time on Modern Home Screen
- Fixed a bug with Catch-Up not working past one day on some servers- Fixed a bug on missing EPG Descriptions on some servers
- Fixed a bug when hiding All Categories and not being able to get any categories back
- Optimized App Performance.
- Updated MAC to FAST EPG API
- Optimized EPG for MAC + XC Login Servers
- Fixed a bug with some XC Login Servers getting False Error after logging in
- Fixed a bug with Ethernet Icon saying Connected on Home Screen when using Wifi
- Fixed a Restore Bug
- Fixed a bug with Ethernet Icon saying Connected on Home Screen when using Wifi
- Minor Bug Fixes
- Fixed an EPG bug in Channel list, underneath Channel Name
- Fixed some crashes
- Fixed missing Movie Trailers on VOD
- Fixed a crash with Scheduled Recordings.
- Fixed a bug on MAC servers not locking Adult Channels in the All Category of Live TV
- Optimized EPG Loading for MAC Servers that don't use Fast EPG API
- Fixed Search by Channel Number when group numbering turned on
- Minor Bug Fixes
- Fixed a rare crash when changing sort option in Radio
- Updated TMDB API, fixed a minor issue caused by the recent TMDB API changes
- Fixed Fav Channel Group renumbering issue
- Fixed a Playback bug on HLS Streams
- Fixed a bug when unhiding categories in Organize Categories
- Fixed a Menu Highlight Bug on the last category of VOD Home.
- Fixed a Recording bug on M3U with 2+ Connection
- Fixed an XC Login XML EPG Bug
- Fixed a bug with missing Movie/TV Posters on VOD + TV Series
- Added Channel Rename Feature to Fav Groups
- Fixed bug with EPG missing underneath channel names in channel on XC login
- Fixed a recording bug on some codecs.
- Added Fast Login to XC Login in Configuration and Server Settings
- Added Stream Format + EPG Type to XC Login in Server Settings
- Added Radio section to XC Login Servers which have Radio Categories in Live TV
- Added Automatic Stream detection to XC Login in Stream Type