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Thread: Bezz E2 Update

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    Cool Bezz E2 Update

    So one day I thought to myself, "Self, what are you going to do with that old Buzz box you barely use anymore?"

    Then I decided to look into if it could be converted to run OctoPi for my 3D printer...supposedly it can, but I have been thus far unsuccessful.

    During my various searches trying to get that to work, I stumbled on some other ideas and decided to try one out.

    While it was a little more involved that the instrucion I found would lead one to believe, it does indeed work.

    I can now dual boot the Buzz E2 box to either be a Buzz box or boot from the sd card to be an EmuElec retro gaming system. Some cheap USB controllers from the local electronics store or from Amazon and good to go.

    So, you know, just some ideas for any of those old boxes laying around.

    Happy modding folks!

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