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    Send / record video to my Plex system

    Has anyone been successful in sending or streaming video somehow to Plex? I want to be able to watch my Buzz box around the house on my other displays without buying multiple boxes. If it wont work with Buzz, then any other ideas how to get it into Plex?

    I thought about recording the video into my NAS hard drive but it doesn't work like that, at least I couldn't get it to work.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I understand that with the services offered here you could not do it since it is 1 account 1 device and if you use a mac the password changes by request.
    Saying that you had a link to what you want to see you would have to use it through xTeVe to upload it to plex.
    In the recordings you always have to verify the format before uploading it to your nas since the format changes depending on the device
    An alternative is to use a removable drive for the recordings, so when you're done recording you can connect it to your PC and convert that recording to mp4 or avi, which are formats that any player can read today.

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    dont know if this will help
    You can install it on Windows, Linux, or Mac computers as well as Android and iOS, video game consoles like the Xbox, and your Apple TV. Most smart TVs now come with Plex built-in or available as a download from their respective app stores.



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