Director: Todd Greenlee
Writer: Alex Greenlee
Stars: Jasper Hammer, Ben Hall

There are a few more Grrenlee's involved in the writing, directing, publishing and even acting in this movie.
Maybe 5 or 6 Greenlee's. Seems like a family affair.

Did it work out good ?
You bet it did.

This movie is something of a thriller wrapped up in a crazy package.

It's about a podcaster who went thru a bad experience with one of his guests on his show. This made him re-think at what he was actually doing.
What comes next is truely some crazy stuff.
In fact, the story you may think is coming does not come and instead something completely different is a'foot

I liked this movie. It is refreshing to see some good script writing and acting and directing, compared to the crap we are seeing these days involving AI take over and child exploitations and shitty woke actors and all the rest of it.

This movie put a smile on my face even thou it is in fact somewhat of a thriller.