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    The Old Way (2023)

    Director: Brett Donowho
    Stars: Nicholas Cage, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Nick Searcy

    This is an American Western setting.
    It's kinda like Joesy Wales. The hard working family man gets his life turned upside down and becomes a ghost of what he once was. Except Cage plays a character that had been a killer before (maybe it was in the in-country war back then).
    Spoiler alert: bad stuff happens (like in Josey Wales), But the father and the daughter lives and becomes a force to reckon with. Or so it is set to seem. They added red lipstick to the 12 year old (set in the 1800s rough outlaw territories)
    It's too much what they do in this script. Virtual signaling yahhooo!!

    I have never yet seen so much virtual signaling in a movie till I saw this. Well okay maybe, but wow this one has it all.
    They make out the young aged persons are capable of adult situations, so as to normalize it.... but that's another paragraph

    It's also hinted at how history can be altered at the will of a few and no one is the wiser.

    Nic Cage can't act, he never could. This movie emphasizing that fact.

    Disappointed that Nick Searcy took part in such a woke production

    And yea, the director's last name was not lost on me

    I can't give this one more then 2 thumbs outta 100
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    It's the upside down world

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    Sad what they are promoting in movies and on TV today
    Two of the greatest qualities
    to have in live are:




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