Let me start off say i got box few weeks ago just couldn't test this baby now here gose. First thing i did was to connect it to hard wire not wireless and turn it on .All was going good ask me to update which i did yours may not but mine did.Followd what it said to do and bingo.Lets start first with remote it has it own app which i click on hit Pair Bluetooth Remote got that to work after that hit Auto TV Setup which told me i had sony tv and started to do setup.Next asked if i could see sound bar said yes and all was done. Now my tv remote works just like 400 .Hit yes to blacklight turn on now there's setup for color keys which you can set it for any app you have on box or function . Here's all what smart app will do http://iptvtalk.net/showthread.php?4...some-functions
Now box
Now turned off box and unplugged it to be safe.Open the bottom of box to slid in my hard drive Here is howto http://iptvtalk.net/showthread.php?4...rd-drive-On-U5 from members here read before you do it
This will show you how to get it up and going and Record all tv show and movies.
Now i went to server setting added my http password/code which are same got tv was too ez lots ways to do it but me i like ez.
Picture on box was what i expected great just like always .Test the recorded functions had no problem at all. Set it up to recorded a shows left house when i came back bingo had it ready to use .One thing i can tell you the epg must be right or your not going to get that show.I even set it up for same show every day.
Next i add kodi 19.5 to it loaded all what i wanted .Most what i use is 4k and this runs it like champ no hiccup's.
Truly i can say this box gives you what you need its fast has great picture can record now or days from now remote is one of best .All my kodi apps run the way they should and if your into apks no problems at all .Wifi has far reach too from one end of house to other and outside to pool to play on the tv there.
Now for the one that need spec to look at follow this link http://iptvtalk.net/showthread.php?4...uzzTV-U5-Specs
Truly one of finest boxes i use yet this is in main living room .
One thing i can tell you with updates and support .You really get your money worth without that it book stop .Buzz gives you all that and more that's why there number one in my books .
I tell you its never been this ez to record what you want .
So if you need help post away. Im sure the ones that have this box will help you too .Truly a very ez box to use.
Thank for listening and have great day.