I still have a Birdview 9+foot with C/ku bands and 4 outs and a dozen different FTAs The reed position sensor for the controller is very sensitive and they don't use actuators they use a worm drive and motor very easy fine tune, but when some little critter gets in there you have to go clean something.
It is a lot of trouble and work to keep up and run all the cables and keep the connections clean.
I remember when we had a Bud with notches filed to fit the lever Picked it up and turned the dish to the notch to get the channels.

Iptv is much easier, cost very little for per channel and is only dependent on what you like to watch, the main thing is having a good high speed internet connection and router.
I have fiber optic and it works well for most TV with four going it never has stopped to buffer.

Fta is a good hobby but as an old long timer I just dont want to go chasing signals anymore HEHEHE . I just took my last Channel Master Primestar 3 foot down in Spring it had lot of lnbs and three diSEqc switches hanging from it. lotta cables to dig in. I am keeping the Birdview because it is the best thing to have if I want to do FTA anytime and there is anything to see in the future.