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    New Update Coming Soon


    1. New FW OTAs will be sent to all Android 9 Models on Buzz 4

    Existing users on Buzz 4
    Can stay there
    If they choose to go to buzz 5 they can with 2015

    We have updated the 2015 method on this Buzz 4 FW Update, to now automatically retrieve the latest Beta Update.
    There won't be anymore waiting around for your MAC to be added. You will just need to be running the newest version of FW we send out for Buzz 4.

    We made the decision to have Public users stay on Buzz 4, as there are just way too many changes to Buzz 5.
    So not all users will like these changes. So now they will have the option to move to Buzz 5 on their own and it will be a much easier process.

    2. All Android 9 Models will have a newer Buzz 5 FW Update available for it, which will include version 5.0.766 or newer + FW Changes and Fixes.

    3. XRS 4900s which are currently running Buzz 5, will get a New Public OTA of Buzz 5 FW, which will include version 5.0.766 or newer + FW Changes and Fixes

    4. All new Android 9 boxes sold
    Will automatically get Buzz 5 FW + App. We will announce when this starts to happen.

    All 4 things above are scheduled to happen over the next 1-3 weeks.
    All information provided is for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk.

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    Looking forward to it. All of Buzz updates are great improvements and leading the industry.. IMHO



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