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    The Lost Girls (2022)

    Siobhan Hewlett as Wendy.
    Livia De Paolis as Wendy.
    Emily Carey as teenage Wendy.
    Amelia Minto as young Wendy.
    Tilly Marsan as Jane.
    Joely Richardson as Jane.
    Vanessa Redgrave as Great Nana.
    Louis Partridge as Peter Pan.
    Iain Glen as Hook.

    Written and Directed by Livia De Paolis, who also plays one of the roles of... yup, Wendy

    This is a Peter Pan tale but not like other Peter Pan tales. This one is seen thru the perspective of Wendy's eyes and four generations of Darling woman, Wendy's Daughter, her Mother and Grand Mother (Great Nana).

    Wendy's family name is 'Darling'

    Vanessa Redgrave plays the Great Nana with Joely Richardson as Jane.
    Jane is Great Nana's Daughter and Wendy's Mother.
    In real live, Joely is Vanessa's actual daughter.

    If you know the tale, Peter Pan convinces Wendy to stay young forever, never to grow old.
    I personally do not know how that went, as I never read nor heard the Peter Pan tale (just the plot of it really is all I know of Peter Pan), not even the one with Robin Williams, nope.

    This is a tale of more then just Peter Pan thou.
    But instead...
    'It's a charming exploration of the balance between fantasy, realty and mental illness'

    I got that last little bit from a quote found in a review

    I read 9 or 10 reviews on this movie and 90% of them were bad reviews.
    I think if you go in just watching it for its face value then you'd agree that the movie is bad. But if you go in with the thinking of it as a 'charming exploration of the balance between fantasy, reality and illness', then you may enjoy the film.

    I got lost a few times as to who was who and what was what. I am still lost about a few things, even now.

    Did I enjoy it ?
    yea... cause I watched it as a 'charming exploration of the balance between fantasy, reality and illness'

    Quote from Great Nana...
    'My dear Darling, I want to warn you about Neverland. Do not doubt me, as I have seen things no one else has.'
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