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    BuzzTV X5 - Search Functions

    LiveTV - Search
    To find a Search function for LiveTV channels, you must be in the 'Detailed View' style.
    Thnx credit goes to dishuser for this find.

    Change the mode (Style) to 'Detail View' and then when viewing LiveTV in full screen, press the OK button on RCU to bring up the sidebar EPG.
    Once the side-bar EPG is open, scroll left (<) and that brings up the Category side-bar menu, and you will see the LiveTV channel Search function shown there at the top of the category list.

    To set to Detail View, follow the path ...
    Menu > Settings > Configuration > App Settings > Channel List Style > Detail View

    VODs and TV Series - Search
    Open the Vods or TV Series selection page(s) and up top the search function is seen. Scroll all the way up and highlight it and open it.
    In here we have 'Search by VOD' function, which searches VOD titles.
    In here we also have 'Search by Actor' function too.
    Thnx credit goes to NBS for attention brought to this.

    This 'Search by Actor' function is a new search feature for the BuzzTV device and is why I wanted to mention it
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