Now resellers can use their own domain names to access our IPTV service by using CNAME records.

How to create a CNAME record will vary from a domain name provider to another but it is basically a DNS record of type CNAME. For example lets say that you have a domain name:


And you want to create a CNAME to connect to 1.iptv11.is, these are the values that you have to provide:

name: 1
target domain: 1.iptv11.is

With that you have successfully created 1.example.com and it is pointing to 1.iptv11.is so any client that have this portal assigned will be able to connect to our IPTV service using your domain 1.example.com.

It is highly recommended that you create a CNAME for every server that we provide so in case your client is moved to a different portal he will be able to connect to the new portal using your domain.

In case you require more information or assistance to setup your CNAME please contact your hosting or domain registrant.

Please note that for this example we used the IPTV Private Server (NFPS) domain name but you can create CNAMEs for IPTV Rocket and IPTV66 using their domain names:

IPTV Rocket: