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My Dad had a huge amount of land. On his land there are probably 20 out-buildings, like garages and sheds.
There was this one garage the size of about a 6 car stall garage, and then one year that garage seemed to have lost some depth and only a few cars would fit.

Dad had built a false wall and behind that wall was his grow opp... it was beautiful

I never told my dad that I knew that one of his garages had shrunk ..... crazy
I think I can realte to that a bit, I had a perfect setup in my old house walk in closet no one I mean no one knew about it beside my wife. And about few weeks ago when my son was getting ready for his prom he told me that he knew about my grow op all this time but he never said a word up until recently. I knew he would find out sooner or later.

But that story of your is pretty nice You guys never talked about it? even when you got older etc?

It's gonna be a nice story for the grandkids.