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Thread: My Appologies

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4me2c View Post
    More "Good News"... "Not even two weeks as leader and Trudeau is backing down on his unscientific vaccine mandates & making the disastrous ArriveCAN app voluntary.

    Letís keep going."...

    yup, but I think this has more to do with the Honorable Brian Pickford and his ongoing cases against the Trudeau government.
    Pierre is doing good too.

    Pickford was once the Newfoundland Premier and he is the only remaining living person who had a hand in drafting the Canadian Rights and Freedoms Constitution.
    He is a lawyer now and is and has been taking on Trudeau full tilt

    Others too have been taking it to Trudeau. Lots of information is surfacing proving Trudy's crimes.
    Do not go gentle into that dark night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazed 9.6 View Post
    thnx from us up North.

    Unfortunately, we still have a minimum of 3 years and possibly 4 years, with Trudy (Castro Jr) in office until next Federal election
    Not if Singh would get of his ass and vote non confident with the conservatives. After all no one voted for the NDP to give the Liberals a majority. I hope the voters send the liberals into the stone age, lest we forget .

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    It is very hard to beat a coalition as strong and controlling as the liberals build when they get power, They remove every person they think will even think about obstructing their agenda form every position they can and replace them. Good luck to you in getting what you want!! Maybe America can become a united continent with all countries being places of Freedom, Safety, and Opportunity for every person that lives there.


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