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    Quote Originally Posted by Marley View Post
    Good for you if you like it then that's great me i tell you try the boxes we review. Maybe you find out what we talk about here and none of us get paid to do that .You been here for yrs ?
    I'm sure there are many good STBs, I'm just talking about my experience with my STB and feeling comfortable enough to suggest others take the time to check it out.

    Like you, I dont get paid. Although if they want to send me another STB to test, I wouldn't turn it down.

    PS: My experience with my first Android STB, a Zidoo H6 Pro, previously posted about, was a nightmare. The STB was well reviewed and is physically an excellent piece of hardware. The problem is that the company couldn't program its way out of a parking lot. Great box, but the firmware is a nightmare.

    My personal goal was to pass on my thoughts and experiences with a, IMHO, really good piece of hardware and software for our forum members consideration.
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