After going through all or most all of the non-stalker IPTV android apps, I've come to the conclusion that IPTV Extreme is, for me, the best. Among the apps I played with are, Smarters, XCIPTV, Lazy, Perfect Player, Simple IPTV Player, Tivimate, IPTV, rIPTV, Televiso and a few others.

I find Smarters the most over rated of all. I noticed a big drop-off in internet speed with Smarters, which makes 4K often shudder, not to mention if one of your Favorites channels dies, all the channels listed below don't work and you have to redo all your favorites.

I liked Tivimate, Televiso and Simple IPTV to be very good at what they do.

I'd like to hear what others think of the IPTV players I've listed?