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    Lightbulb Must have for Shield users??

    Hey all,

    I thought I would share this little project I just finished with the community, pretty easy DIY ambilight with nice end effect, I use too use raspberry pi with hyperion for this but I moved away from raspberry pi when I got a new place and was I searching for something similar but for android.

    And I found it, it's called Ambient light Application for Android by a guy named Vsevolod Aleksandrov all you need is esp822 nodemcu or even Arduino uno some ws2812b led's, power supply for the led's and you good to go.
    The end result is amazing, I mean if you watch a lot movies/shows I think you would like this little addition to your "home theater"

    The only sh*tty thing is that it doesn't work on DRM protected content such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and some other services. It works fine with IPTV66 and NFPS works on Plex also and other Internet video providers..

    So overall pretty little cool project to do maybe with your kid if he's into that kinda of stuff...

    Link to the project I used,
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