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    SpaceX makes history with launch of first all-civilian crew

    SpaceX Launch from Cape Canaveral Florida

    On Wednesday night, SpaceX made history by launching the first all-civilian crew into space.
    Just before 8:03 p.m. ET, the spaceship named Inspiration4 successfully blasted off from Florida's Space Coast.

    Clear weather for the history-making event.

    Inspiration4 is going the distance, orbiting earth from beyond even the International Space Station for three days.

    The four people onboard include a billionaire, a cancer survivor, a geologist and a raffle winner.

    The mission is also a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and to raise $200 million for kids with cancer and life-threatening illnesses.

    -end c/p

    I watched this earlier this evening.
    This Falcon9 Rocket has now made 3 trips and made it back to earth landing in the Atlantic on a landing platform, a barge.
    It is becoming a normal thing now to see these private launches and successful landings of the used rocket vessels.
    This particular Dragon Capsule has now made 3 trips to space as well.

    I do have my reservations on their cancer fund raising promotion thing thou.
    Seems to me to fight cancer we need to look into our food supplies and the herbicides like what Monsato (Bio/Bayer) has been poisoning us with for many years. And as well the pharma drugs that are seemingly all about the dollar and not our health.
    I just hope the funds raised do go towards the health and well being of cancer victims and not into the pockets of bureaucrats.

    And Musk ummmmmm, well that's another page in the story.

    There are those too that believe space travel is only for the richest and elitist, as was Bezo and that other guy who recently went to the edge of earth's atmosphere but no quite into space.
    This SpaceX launch was a bit different thou, with it's 4 maned crew made up of one billionaire and the other 3 not so much.
    They will be orbiting Earth from way the heck out there too, even beyond the Hubble telescope and the Space Station.

    As I type this now, the Dragon Capsule with it's crew, are on their way to that orbital position ... way out there !!

    Go Go Dragon !!!
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    We are not in Kansas anymore Toto !!

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    Actual Astronauts. However it still is a 'vanity' mission for the Billionaire.



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