Break the story. Break the silence.
The true story behind the scandal that shook the world.

Director: Tom McCarthy
Writers: Josh Singer, Tom McCarthy
Stars: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci

Spotlight won the Best Picture Oscar

Spotlight is about the Boston Globe investigative reporting team (Spotlight Team) that exposed the widespread systemic sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests in the Archdiocese of Boston.

A victim asks a reporter, "Have you read Jason Berry's book?"
Berry is a reporter who began covering sex abuse cover-ups in Louisiana Catholic churches for the National Catholic Reporter and the Times of Acadiana. By the time the Boston Globe broke the story of the abuse scandal in Boston, the NCR had been reporting on abuse within the church for 17 years, while other much bigger news outlets had refused to look at it.

'In researching the Spotlight true story, it was discovered that as of 2002, the incidence of pedophilia in the Catholic Church was around 6%, which is in line with the general population (this percentage is also stated in the movie). This means that despite what some have come to believe, there is no disproportionate separation between priests and civilians when it comes to this terrible crime.
The efforts by some members of the church to cover up the abuse is what makes it perhaps significantly more tragic.'

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