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    How do you enable the audio on a channel

    If you press the green button on the remote while on a channel and the subtitles and audio options come up, how do you enable the audio if it is disabled?

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    if its disabled from server then u can not do that. if channel had audio and you manually turned it off then that option would work.
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    I have, on occasion, tried using a different media player will provide audio which relates to one player not having the right codecs and another one does. This can also happen with the video where there is a black screen with one media player while another one provides the video which relates to having the right codecs to work. This will not happen if it relates to the server as indicated by Ryu. I have also found that it can, at times relate to the television and how the audio is configured as sometimes if its set to bluetooth, hdmi or another setting, the sound will not provide any audio if its set up incorrectly. Try different tv audio or sound settings to see if the audio works.



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