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    Quote Originally Posted by big mac View Post
    It doesn't matter which home screen you use.They all list the the same servers you already added.
    I thought I had tested that awhile ago.... but I must have had a lapse of reason it seems.
    Thnx big mac

    So the answer would then be .... 30 ?
    We are not in Kansas anymore Toto !!

    I need glasses to read the new lock-down decree.
    More precisely, TWO GLASSES of high octane Scotch !!

    They are lying. Every day they are lying.
    How do I know that, you may ask ? ... It is because their lips are moving.

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    I just filled in 15 mac servers slots on the 4900 Could have kept going
    I'm on 4.0.549

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    there was a time I was closer to 40 via XC API and now back to zero lol as they all disappeared from day or two
    however, I think theres no limit you can add as many you want
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