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    Quote Originally Posted by floder2 View Post
    I use and recommend (TP-Link AV600) Powerline Ethernet Adapter .(there of course are many brands and models)....better then WiFi and no need to run ethernet cable all through the house......each kit comes with two adapters hooked up to your router and another hooked to your device .......sends internet transmission via your electrical wiring through your home.....speed is very close to hardwired.......
    Just be careful what type of lighting (bulbs) is/are on the same circuit/wiring that the Powerline is connected to. I am not sure about newer LEDs (never tried it with LEDs) but I did with the very expensive fluorescent low energy bulbs that preceded the LEDs, many of those could interfere with the Powerline Adapters. Now, at least, technology has gotten better for the most part .
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    like i said cant use thats for solar but your right one of best ways do it
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    I usually just do some searches like Routers 2021 which should provide some links to the latest routers put out by the various manufacturers although many of the foreign routers may not be listed or unavailable due to trade issues, Huawei for example.
    If stuck, read Amazon reviews, tech reviews and latest Wifi streaming routers.

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    ASUS RT-AXE7800 Tri-band WiFi 6E Extendable Router, 6GHz Band, 2.5G Port, Subscription-free Network Security, Instant Guard, Advanced Parental Control, Built-in VPN, AiMesh Compatible, Smart Home, SMB


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