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    Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

    The U.S. Presidential administration announced on Monday (Jan.4) that it has made final its plan to open up vast areas of once-protected Arctic Alaska territory to oil development.
    It comes just before a scheduled auction of drilling rights in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) on the eastern North Slope on Wednesday.

    end c/p

    This land that was coming up for auction is on a protected wildlife Refuge (ANWR).
    There is a lake there as well and is the largest lake for wildlife and bird sanctuaries in the State, but it is now open for drilling rights, according to 'the plan'.

    I just heard in the news that the auction proceeded as planned, but not a single Oil company bought any drilling rights.
    Which goes to show how wrong it would be to exploit this land, when the Oil companies stand down from it

    Some rights were sold and I thought I heard they were bought up mainly by an environmental company of some kind.
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