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    King S22 - very new Android 10 box with high end specs

    I just bought this box after reading the specs although I don't really know if its another Beelink King box or a product from another manufacturer. Lol, I don't know if I made a good deal as it cost me about 150 Canadian to jump in with both feet. Truth is I was just too curious since it was the only box with an 8K video out that impressed me enough take the plunge. If anyone has managed to buy one of these, it would be nice to know how its working out as I won't get mine until sometime late January as its on a slow boat from China. I believe the video out was 2.1 as most of the HDMI video out are 2.0 so I don't quite know what to make of it or if its any better than the Beelink King GT which has been well supported with several updates. This King S22 is supposed to have similar support although I say it with a few ounces of skepticism. Recalling from memory, it has the Mali 73 & Mali 53 chips along with 4gb ram 32gb rom although more is optional. It just appears to have more under the hood than the King GT but there's no telling how good it will measure up. If anyone knows anything about this mystery box, please reply as it would be nice to know your thoughts on it. Merry Christmas, hoping everyone has a better New Year than 2020.

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    Thanks for the Post and A Merry CHRISTmas to You and Yours, Happy New Year and May GOD Bless...!!!



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