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    sw update 1.0.386 21.12 2020

    1. VOD now supports subtitles
    2. Episode pictures and brief introductions are added to TV shows
    3. New UI is made to****
    4. Optimization on EPG and VOD features
    5. Some bug fix.

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    Connected the EZ Box and received an on-screen message that there was a new update found.
    But I declined that , just for simple reason I wanted to first check the current SW on the system, and also refresh my memory on how the TV Series areas were setup, which I did.
    Then I entered Settings and opened the Update option and proceeded with the update (

    The update process took just a minute or two, with a reboot automatically performed afterwards.

    before update...
    Launcher Version: 1.0.17211_07092019
    Software Version: V1.0.361(13.07.2020)

    after update...
    Launcher Version: 1.0.17211_07092019
    Software Version: 1.0.386 (21.12.2020)

    thnx NBS

    After the update I have noticed the changes made in the TV Series area.
    The fonts are bigger.
    The episode selections are now all showing a description and picture for each episode.
    I must say that the over-all layout has changed for the better
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