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Thread: Kodi 18.8

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    djmcshain: did you get this solved and if so what did you do to correct it,so if others have this problem it may help them to solve it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djmcshain View Post
    I uninstalled KODI 18.8 wiped clean to start over.
    I installed KODI 18.6 so far so good.
    I put in your kodi Exodus and I get a message unable to connect??? what is this???
    I put in covenant 1.1.34
    I put in Exodus Redux and on both of these add-ons when
    I go to watch a movie I get the no stream available last week
    these worked fine-what the hell changed????????
    Let's be brutally candid here: 3rd party addons stream pirated content. You are going in circles and listening to people trying to be helpful but they have different levels of tech knowledge. Google "Kodi Addons Reddit" to find out which addons are currently known to be supported in Kodi. Don't install any 'builds', stay as basic as possible, maybe one or two addons, unless it's from the official Kodi repository.

    You really should be using Real Debrid or Premiumize as they have plenty of links and you don't need a VPN if you are streaming from one of their servers. Stream, don't download.

    If you can't afford this service and Real Debrid because you are on a fixed income, you'd better make sure you understand the risks involved in using any addons. Either use a VPN with Kodi addons or Real Debrid or Premiumize. Premiumize has a VPN included with their service that you can use, BTW.

    Keep it as basic as possible and once you get it working, leave it alone!

    The problem you encountered last week wasn't with Kodi, it was from Cloudflare. We all had the same issue, but Shooty posted a link to a new Kodi for Android, version 18.8 that fixes the problem so you can stream from this service (NFPS, Rocket, IKS) again.

    Just my two cents to keep your frustration level down to a minimum. Read on Reddit...Knowledge is power. Just be careful and protect yourself!


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