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    Question How to determine which service to choose?

    Hi, I am new here and I realize there are 3 servers: Rocket, NFPS and IPTV66.

    They all cost the same and seem to have the same "core" channel list (if not entirely the same channels, I haven't looked).

    I have used NFPS trial and had no buffering. Since it's a one-year commitment, I want to make an educated choice.

    So question is: which criteria do I use to choose? Are they in different regions? Is one of them more stable than the other? Etc etc... Or are they exactly the same, proxies to the same server?

    • I am not a reseller
    • To use in Canada
    • Kodi on Android TV box (real android tv)
    • Only to watch live sports, nothing else

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    I think they are all exactly the same.

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    Always have had more reliability experience with NFPS............................

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    iptv66 has yearly and monthly subs, while rocket and nfps have only yearly.
    iptv66 and nfps allow clients to change the server URL Portal, while Rocket does not. This can be handy but not a deal breaker. This is not always true thou as there are times that a nfps code is purchased but it may come with a Rocket portal, which is fine and does work but the portal cannot be change if this happens.

    And one more small thing ...
    When entering the URL into your device's setup menu, the NFPS and the Rocket have a long URL, while the iptv66 has a relatively short one.
    So if you do not enjoy entering the long URLs then iptv66 would be the one to choose
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    I have used both, Rocket and NFPS over the course of at least a year each but neither appears to be any different from the other. As for the buffering, freezing and other issues, I relate much of that to how much demand is on the server, time of day, the number of devices that are using your internet service at the same time, the type of service, bandwidth available, wireless or wired and the hardware connected and being used.



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