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    Man wasn't life great back then to be a kid, kids have all the toys and crap today but no freedom and no real life. I used to ride my Evans bike all over the levee at Greenwood, MS. for the year or so I lived there I went down to the river camps and would stop and talk to all the people who lived down there they treated me just like family. You didn't have all the hyped up animosity you have everywhere now. People were happier and most all were much more more honest and honorable especially the black people I knew, they were much more religious than most whites I knew. I moved from there to Winston Salem, NC. after 11 months. Same kinda life there on the plateau. Just about every TV show had Frankie as the theme singer he was one of the biggest singers on earth. Just about every person in the country listened to him many times each night. Thanks for another Memory lane Excursion 4ME.

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