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Without a keyboard, you could do this;
Install Keymap Editor;
-Go to System/Add-ons/Install from Repository/Kodi Add-on Repository/Program add-ons/ -Keymap Editor.
Then from the Kodi home screen;
-Go to Addons/Program add-ons/ and click Keymap Editor.
*Pick a key on your remote that you don't use with Kodi (you can use the Red/Grn/Yel/Blu keys for example), to assign the F8 code.
-Click Edit
-Click Global
-Click Audio
-Click Mute-f8
-Click Edit Key
*within 5 seconds click the remote button to use as an f8(mute) function
You will see the Mute-f8 has changed to something like Mute-61584.
Click back 3 times to the first menu screen and Click Save.
You now have the Kodi Mute function assigned to that Key.
Try it out!
Thank you that is great information, I will try it out later but for now I will just enjoy the sound for a while before I mess it up again.... oh it is working with the new install. Even though I now have other issues. but I will work on it for a while and post for additional assistance if I can' get them worked out.