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    Wink The Deaf Genie 2

    A guy walks into a Pub and sits down at the bar.
    Before the bartender takes his order, he notices at the end of the bar, a tiny little grand piano.

    Just then, a tiny little man, only about a foot tall, jumps up from the stool, onto the bar, and starts playing the piano.

    "He's good", says the bartender.

    The guy, confused, asks "whats the story with him..., where..., how..."?

    The Bartender explains;

    "I was cleaning up the store room, getting ready to open, when I spotted a brass teapot behind an old box".
    "I wiped it off and suddenly vapour came out of the spout, and a Genie appeared"

    "He said he would grant me a wish for finding his lamp".
    "So I told him my wish"

    He said "What".
    "So I told him again"

    He said, "You sure thats what you want"?
    "You only get one Wish".

    I said "Of course thats what I want"

    "OK" he said.
    Just then, a puff of smoke appeared beside me.

    "There you go" the Genie said...,"One 12 inch Pianist"!

    "Turns out he was hard of Hearing"!

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