In the Year of the Rat, the CCP is proving to shock the world again and again.
If you google search info about the floods in China you will not get a lot of results. This is because the CCP has shown that they do not allow this info to get out.
The citizens of China are not allowed to film or take pictures of any of this, nor are allowed to even mention it.

If this damn breaks the results would be the worst catastrophe in human history.
Just down from this dam are many cities , including the largest city , Whohan.
The death toll alone would be unfathomable, let alone the environmental cost.
There are huge amounts of industries situated on the banks of the Yangtze River.
If that damn breaks, the results will be catastrophic !

I have heard people say to let it break and then that will change things with China and the CCP and even may save Hong Kong from the clutches of the CCP.
That is ludicrous !
There are millions of good people that will loose their lives if this happens, let alone the results of all the chemicals that will be released into the river system.

The CCP has been letting some of the overflow thru the dam in hopes of easing the pressure on the dam... But this has also caused major flooding in the cites downstream and lose of live.
It has been reported that the CCP did not let anyone know of what they were doing and therefore gave no one a chance to get out of harm's way or prepare for it.
You won't find much info on any of this because the CCP is keeping a strong lockdown of info in or out of China.
And do not be caught with a cell phone taking pictures of any of this or that will be the last anyone sees of you again.