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Thread: Plastic Waste

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    Plastic can be flash burned and not produce the acrid black smoke that along with the little floating pieces make it so nasty. It needs to be either recycled, or used as fuel in high temp burners. The process is the same as the new coal dust fired generating plants. blown in under high pressure as a fine dust almost 100% is burned instantly. As for storing burying and other types of disposal, they don't work for anything very well except natural earthen elements. If you disturb soil that has never been dug up it can take thousands of years for it to naturally reach its former state of aeration. If you substitute a non earthen element into the strata it has many more effects besides the bonding and aeration of the strata. It effects the aquifer renewal time, and many other natural processes. Concrete and paving in cities has a dramatic effect on aquifer regeneration. Large fields of plastic in landfills can block the absorption just as much as concrete and paving. There is a shrinking supply of unpolluted drinking water in the world. MANY countries have less than 1 oz per person per day and some have much less. It is so sad to see so many children die for lack of a sip of clean water.

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    Look who the culprits are.......and its not the Great USA


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