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    Opened it in a "Private Window" as I know You use FF Browser and C/P'd the URL Just in Case...!

    I Know Shooty is Helping and That's All that Matters...!

    Now People have another Choice of Links...!

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    me i always setup the box hardwire for all updates from them and kodi and so on once done wireless is fine even on kodi with 4k if you have speed to do so truly a very fast box and all memory it has i did some streaming today lots to test on this box oh yea do what crazed 8.4 said on post 8 that will get you going
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marley View Post
    today took me hr to setup all my repos yea i know it takes time and some don't even know how too the iptv is no brainer takes maybe 5 min at most and with kodi you can alway do backup from your other box and load it all to your new box that's fastest way i know me i just wanted to load all for testing or i would have done that way which is what 5 mins too maybe 10 at most 4k truly is fast and no hiccups at all in kodi and truly a great picture just goggle how to do backup on kodi and your done with that unless its apks you want but still filemanger will get you setup fast this is a very fast box even when i load it up with all bs files just to test going to take my time to test this box out got take care of family first there all home which is driving me nuts all want help with something but happy they are safe
    Thanks very much Marley


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