On your browser type: Index of Movies
You can also google:Index of Series for tv shows or Index of cartoons etc.
Try Index of Movies spiderman 2019 for a specific movie etc.
Open any of the servers listed many have other goodies too!

choose a movie for an example

paste the link location

to vlc or your favorite player or add to your playlist

Note: some of these movies are avi`s mkv`s and mp4`s
the mp4`s you can playback in your browser just do a double click on them.
copy and paste the mp4 link in the above code line to your browser for an example.

also add them to your m3u playlists for playback on your media boxes.

There are many other places you can get these servers like pastebin and many i cant mention on this site.
Try different variations of index of.........