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Thread: Log in problems

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    As far as I know MS replaced IE with Edge, I have to use Edge to connect with my provider, I get a message that IE is no longer supported. I had to go through and disable many layers of ad, and google spy crap in it to use it. It really pisses me off that these companies used OUR money to make millions while our TV used to be free, we used to get a complete program that we could do clerical work with and photo retouching and splicing. movie editing, ETC and AD FREE browsing. NOW nothing is complete, anything you get from any large software company has to use a cloud storage and their mainframe to do your work, any system that has been built since the 2000 debacle wont run any of the good older programs like the ones I had on windows 3.1. They have become super wealthy using OUR tax money all the while digging us into a spy, slave, theft network that requires us to give more and more of our money just to get what we used to get free of charge. Seems that TRUMPS first act if he is reelected is to put a stop to their extortion. Too much money there though they can buy off any judge.

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    Yeah, Meant "Edge"...! Haven't tried it or even D/L it...! Don't "Trust" It, Period...! All they do is get Your Infromation and Re-Sell it...!!!

    Gonna Stick with FF, even has a VPN and Private Browsing and after 3 Years, still not asking for $'s...!!!


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