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    FX File Explorer

    FX File Explorer .apk free download.
    Version 8.0.0.rc1 for Android
    In the recent past....
    I have been using the ES File Explore for some time now.
    Reason being is because the ES Explorer does have a copy function that many file managers do not, (to copy text and then paste that text into a server slot, like a long URL text body for a Playlist as an example.

    But after I noticed an add come up and messed with my box and also some kind of malware seemed to be present and also messed with my android box.... So I went looking for any news about this ES File Explorer and what I found was interesting.

    C/P from earlier this last spring (2019)
    ES File Manager is a well-known file manager, though its popularity has waned in recent years as it passed from developer to developer. The developer was most recently listed as 'ES Global' on the Play Store, though the app is actually owned by 'Du Global'. As LinkedIn confirms, Du is a subdivision of DO Global, the company currently intertwined in the click fraud scandal.
    ES File Explorer has been involved in other controversies over the past few years. The app came with sketchy 'Charging Boost' adware at one point (which was later removed), and a Pro version was introduced after the free app was loaded to the brim with bloatware.
    So, it was time to get looking for another File Manager that would do what the ES Explorer can do.
    At first I found Solid Explorer File Manager and it works great. But it is only a 14 day free trial and then you need to buy the Premium version.
    I did briefly test the Solid Explorer and it has all the functions needed or wanted. It does have the 'copy text' features too.

    Solid Explorer .apk free download.
    Version 2.7.7 for Android

    So, I then found this FX File Explorer and downloaded and installed it.
    It also is a 14 day trial but after the trial has expired you can continue with the free version and are not be forced to buy the Premium version.

    FX File Explorer .apk free download.
    Version 8.0.0.rc1 for Android
    The FX Explorer also has these features.
    So far I have not done much work with the FX Explorer, but according to some online reviews, it is the bomb

    Important *
    Before loading onto your Android device, Scanning any apk files with your antivirus programs is highly recommended.
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