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    STB Leader Pro - Playstore app - for IPTV - works extremely well

    I have been "testing|" some new apps and I found the STB Leader Pro app which as many aspects which resemble those of the Stb Emulator Pro but its a free app which has more layers to configure if it suits your purpose. This app configures in a similar way, ( almost exactly), the same and connects to the server in the same way but interesting enough it uses the IJK player which seems to provide a higher quality picture although it might depend on what you're using for a tv or monitor. I am impressed with the performance of this app as it actually appears to work as well, if not better than the Stb Emulator and the Stb Emulator Pro app. For those who want to download, install and configure it, take it for a spin and see if you reach the same conclusions.
    It would be a good idea to uninstall any other Stb Emulator versions before installing and using this one. Note: This app doesn't appear to have a Save / Restore tool which has proven to be a good thing to have when something goes wrong and you want to reconfigure a new Stb Emulator install fast. It works well with all types of Android boxes, devices, phones that I tested.

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    stbemu pro uses same player



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